Alecia karr is OFFICIALLY the UK’s No. 1 tribute to PINK and is recognised by the Official Pink fan page and other associated groups as the tribute to Pink. Alecia has met Pink, she has sang live to Pink and she was the guest of honour of Pink at the marquee in Cork ROI. Alecia is a star of television and has sang many times live on local and national radio. Over the years she has appeared many times in local Newspapers, however over the past 18 months she has appeared in 17 national and local newspapers in relation to her Pink shows throughout N. Ireland, ROI, Mainland UK and Paris. In November 2011, Alecia was picked to officially open the VIP area at The MTV awards at The Odyssey Arena, Belfast where she rubbed shoulders with stars from TV, screen and the Music industry. Music professionals have shown a great interest in Alecia and most recently, permission has been requested from The Pink Camp for Alecia to re-release a song that Pink recorded on behalf of Alecia’s chosen charity for 2012 ‘’ The Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children ‘’. This in itself shows the confidence that the Music professionals have in the capabilities of Alecia as a singer and a performer.

Alecia can perform with a superb sound & lighting system and DJ and has wowed crowds from 100’s to 1000’s. This type of show is totally awesome. The DJ has perfected his art of getting the crowd ready for the show and after Alecia has finished, he would take over again and the fun continues until the evening is over. Venues have reported that they have NEVER witnessed a show of this kind. It is very much crowd participation from start to finish.

Alecia can also perform with a live band behind her. This can only be described as magical and is definitely a full showcase and concert type event. Apart from the Band and Alecia, there is a Disco in place with a DJ and Compare.

Alecia can also arrange her own supporting act or different type of event such as Pink goes gaga, where she will bring in her tribute to gaga and one that is proving very popular is The Princesses of Pop. Alecia will bring in two other top female tribute performers for a fantastic show. (prices for this on request)

Alecia has also put together a brilliant Wedding package and a FAMILY pink event to suit all ages groups (information and prices on request)

There has been thousands of comments made about the Alecia karr Pink shows over the years and all have either been good comments or brilliant comments but one comment will stick out in our minds because it explains in a short sentence what the general public will get from her Shows. ‘’ After you have been to the Alecia karr show, you would wonder if you had been to the real Pink show or not, this is the closest thing to the real Pink ‘’ THE MANAGER, ODYSSEY ARENA, BELFAST     

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